Thornham 4th May 2020

Good morning Thornham!

I hope you have had a good week despite the change in weather – hopefully the sun will shine more this week.

Thank you to those who have been in contact by email.  It is lovely to hear from you and hear what you are doing, not just with your home learning grid,but also other activities you have been doing at home.  I was in school last week and had a great week with the children completing our tasks as well as doing some fun activities.

The home learning gird this week  has less activities as Friday is VE day  – find out what you can about VE day.

Week Beg 4th May Years 1 and 2 Home Learning Grid


This week I would like you to really get to know the text so you can retell the story with your actions. At the end of the week I would like you to ‘box up’ the story into the five parts –  beginning, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending.  Parents, all children need to do is brief sentences at what happens in each part of the story.

Teachers example boxing up Way Back Home

Boxing Up – Way Back Home


Continue with the Power Maths and activities on Education City.  Let me know if you are having any problems.


This half term we are looking at Sculptures.  I have put a picture of the ‘Angel of the North’ – find out what you can about this sculpture and have a go a creating your own picture. If you have modelling clay/plastercine have a go at modelling your own.


I know you have all working hard doing what you can.  Don’t worry if you cannot get everything done, enjoy your learning and spending time with your families. 

Oakley has been helping his mum by reading to his younger brother, going for bike rides, doing some Joe Wicks PE sessions and learning his high frequency words.

Mylah has also been busy reading, learning her high frequency words and completing the Education City activities. Well done!

Here are some pictures of some of the work children have sent me


Freya’s beautiful sunflower


Freya as been busy practising her handwriting and learning her alphabet!

Dolcie has also created some beautiful sunflowers.


As well as completing home learning tasks, Cayden has been busy painting.

Oscar is very proud of his home learning well done!

Keep in touch and stay safe

Mrs Stanley and Mrs Wiggs


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