Winterton blog 01.05.20

Good morning everyone.

Pyjamarama Day today. A day for being in your PJs all day and the focus is on story telling. So tell people stories, read them stories or have someone read to you. Don’t forget the link to audible – it is free at the moment and there are lots of books that you can listen to being read. https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

The selection is huge – I’m sure there is something for every one. Send in photos of you reading or listening.

Well done to those who have worked on EducationCity so far this week:

Hayley, who has done lots of learning; Hette, who has done particularly well with her English and science work; Vlad, who did really well in his English; and Tyler, who did some good maths work.

Yes I can see who has done what and what score you got! So well done those people. Who can achieve next week? The new grid and EducationCity learning will go up over the weekend.

Ms. Black said we could go on her virtual tour with her and her class to Australia! Here it is – enjoy!

Now, I know it’s not nice being stuck indoors so I thought I would take you on a virtual trip to the Australian outback! Later on in our Crime and Punishment topic, you will learn that, in the Victorian era, one of the punishments given to those found guilty of a crime was ‘transportation to Australia’. Many people were sent out to Australia to develop the new colony. At that time, the country was mostly just a rugged and forbidding landscape where Aboriginal tribes had lived harmoniously with the natural environment for thousands of years. It was not the sort of place that British convicts would have adapted to easily. As you take a tour around the parks, think about what it must have been like for them arriving for the first time – no towns, shops or hospitals. Are you ready for the trip? It’s on me so no need to send any money to school! Let’s go!!

First, we need to take a Qantas flight from Heathrow to Perth in Western Australia. Let’s go on the top deck! It’s a 17 hour flight so settle in for some great entertainment on your personal movie screen and enjoy some fantastic food served by Australia’s lovely smiling cabin crew!




Right, we are finally there! This is Perth and we will spend one day relaxing in the hotel and recovering from our jet lag.

It’s the next morning and our bus is waiting to take us all on our Outback Safari to see Australia’s parks and wildlife. Onboard everyone!

Wow! Look at that sky! I hope the bus driver watches out for the kangaroos.

Now, we’re almost there. The next part of our journey is going to involve some pretty rugged and bumpy terrain, so we need to leave the bus and head off in our 4×4 jeeps. Jump in everyone!

Finally, we are there! Cut and paste the link below and explore – you can choose from waterfalls, gorges and walking trails. It’s entirely up to you where you go – you have the freedom to decide. But don’t forget to report back to me about what you saw and what you thought about it all!


So thanks to Ms. Black and Blakeney for letting us join them on this epic trip. Don’t forget to let me know what you did!

Keep safe and keep smiling

Mrs. M x



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