Marvellous May time Holkham!

Welcome to May Holkham Class,

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week.Well done to all of you who engaged with this week’s ‘Home Learning Grid’… Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid. Remember you can still send me work over the weekend and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.



How are you story performances coming along. I have received one from Teja which I will attach to my vlog later. If you haven’t sent one just yet then there’s still time before Monday’s blog.

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat



I can see amazing work in Power Maths books 3C and 4C. Remember if you’re finding the work tricky, have a good look at the practice book with your grown ups first. You can find the textbook here: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear4

How are you finding telling the time? Tell your grown ups what time you read this blog and see if you have it correct.


Education City

Lots of you have been having a good go at the activities I recommenced on Education City. A huge well done to Rhys, Rinalds, Kristian, Teja, Axella, Brayden, Hallie, George, Karolis, Borislav, Frankey, Jack and Nicole – I can see you have all worked really hard. Don’t forget to explore other areas of Education City after you have completed the work I have set to continue to challenge yourselves.


Learning Celebrations 

Kristian has been really busy this week. He’s been working hard on Education City and using their printable resources to label a skeleton, as well as, listing as many bones as he can find, times table work and spelling practise! Good Job. 👍


George has also been working hard. So far this week he has been using his iPad to load clock faces to support his understanding of Analogue clocks, fact finding about Rome and listing his likes, dislikes, similarities and differences when comparing our new T4W test to other stories he has read before. It’s really nice to not only see what George has been working on but a photo of him actually sitting down to complete the work – it will really help motivate us all I’m sure.


Likewise Rhys has had a busy week learning about Rome, which he has really been enjoyed. He’s especially liked researching the building styles (or architecture) as well as making great progress on Education City, Lexia and Tackling Tables. He is preserving with time telling; he can’t do it yet but does that mean he’s giving up? No chance! I know he’ll get there very soon. He created a fantastic skeleton out of cotton buds of which he then listed the types of bones found in the human body. Over the weekend he would like to continue learning about Romulus and Remus too. He’s such an amazing role model.

Teja has also been learning a lot at home this week. So far this week she sent me a fantastic story performance which I will share in my vlog. She also, created an outstanding skeleton out of objects and craft items from around the house and also listed the types of bones found in the human body on an additional printed skeleton. She has been preserving with equivalent fractions and fact finding about Rome and reading the story of Romulus and Remus. She  has listing her likes, dislikes, similarities and differences when comparing our new T4W test to other stories she has read before. Amazing!


Final messages 

As always, please feel free to email me with learning you have been working on or any questions you may have and I will post again on Monday alongside a vlog. If you have any video’s for the vlog please send them by Sunday morning so I can edit them in. If you’re struggling to send larger video files you could use a file sharing website such as WeTransfer it is total free and easy to use. Please read with your children for 10 minutes a day and ask comprehension questions (listed in Monday’s blog) to support them.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers



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