Cromer Class 1st May, 2020

Hello Cromer Class,

I hope you are all well and not too fed up with the weather.  At least the sun is out at the moment.

Lots of people have been working really hard.  Thomas has been busy and so has Anthony A.

Stephanie sent some photos of what she has been doing:

Great work, Stephanie – keep sending the photos!

Erin has been working hard on her literacy and has done the story map for ‘The Daily Pig’:


Isabelle has been working hard again.  She has even joined in with some of her brother’s art work:



Here is some of her high school art work!  

I love getting to see your work.  Please keep sending me photos.  I’ll only put them on this web page with your permission.


How about getting out of the country for a while?  I know we can’t….but we can virtually!

Trip to Western Australia’s Parks and Wildlife 

First, we need to take a Qantas flight from Heathrow to Perth in Western Australia. Let’s go on the top deck! It’s a 17 hour flight so settle in for some great entertainment on your personal movie screen and enjoy some fantastic food served by Australia’s lovely smiling cabin crew!  I think I’ll take my knitting.  What will you take?



Right, we are finally there! This is Perth and we will spend one day relaxing in the hotel and recovering from our jet lag. Enjoy kids!



It’s the next morning and our bus is waiting to take us all on our Outback Safari to see Australia’s parks and wildlife. Onboard everyone!




Wow! Look at that sky! I hope the bus driver watches out for the kangaroos.




Now, we’re almost there. The next part of our journey is going to involve some pretty rugged and bumpy terrain, so we need to leave the bus and head off in our 4×4 jeeps. Jump in everyone!


Finally, we are there! Cut and paste the link below and explore kids – you can choose from waterfalls, gorges and walking trails. It’s entirely up to you where you go – you have the freedom to decide. But don’t forget to report back to me about what you saw and what you thought about it all! (Send an email! ):



Have fun!


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