Snettisham and Heacham 29/04/20 – An experiment!

Good morning,

I thought I’d try an experiment today.  This is our Talk4Writing book, “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffries.

ppt Way Back Home with narration

If you click on that, it should download the story, as a powerpoint, with me reading it.  Listen to it several times today, and tomorrow, just like we would if we were learning the story in the classroom.

BBC have some new lessons up as well, and the science looks quite interesting.  I’ll put some materials work onto next week’s EducationCity.


Speaking of EducationCity, well done to lots of children who have started the work!  Iris from Snettisham has finished all of her Reception EducationCity work, so I’m going to start adding Snettisham to the Year 1 work as well.  Snettisham children, it’s just for if you want to have a try.  You don’t have to do this.  Alex in Heacham class has had a go at Reception AND year 1 work this week, so well done to him!  Also well done to Annabelle, Frankie, Ava and Devon in Snettisham, Corrine in Heacham, and Farrah, Laben and Artjoms in Hunstanton Class who have all tried really hard with EducationCity work this week.

Don’t forget that BugClub is there to help with reading and phonics. If you need help with logins, just email me and I will sort it out!  Frankie and Devon from Snettisham are doing a brilliant job of reading!  If you’ve been reading books that aren’t on BugClub, (and I’ve been reading a lot of books that aren’t on BugClub!) let me know your favourite, and on Friday, for Pyjamarama Day, we’ll have a celebration.

Parents, please do let me know how this is going, if there’s enough work, too much work, the wrong kind of work, how easy to access it all is, that kind of thing.  This process is constantly under review as I try and find the best way to keep in contact with the children and help you to keep their minds bubbling educationally.

Above all, take care!

Miss Cook


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