Holkham’s mid-week update (29/04/20)

Good Morning Holkham Class,

I hope you’ve all had a good week so far. I can see lots of you are enjoying the activities from this week’s ‘Home Learning Grid’ which you can find here. Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid. Remember that is on the front page of the website should you need to find it again quickly and I’m at the other end of an email if you have problems opening the PDF.



This week I am continuing to challenge you to learn your new T4W text off by heart, just as we normally do in class. I would love it if you could add actions to some of the words (and maybe punctuation) and send me a video of your performance if you can.

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat story map

Zelda Claw Boxing Up



Power Maths books 3C and 4C follow the next lesson in sequence as they build on your previous learning each day. You can find the textbook here: https://preview.pearsonactivelearn.com/PowerMathsYear4

I would also like you to start practising telling the time. Maybe your grown ups could ask ‘What time is it?’ and support you in using both an analog or digital clock to respond to them.


Education City

Lots of you have been having a good go at the activities I recommenced on Education City. A huge well done to Rhys, Rinalds, Kristian, Teja, Axella, Brayden, Hallie, George, Karolis, Borislav, Frankey, Jack and Nicole – I can see you have all worked really hard. Don’t forget to explore other areas of Education City after you have completed the work I have set to continue to challenge yourselves.


Learning Celebrations 

Nicole has been very busy. Working on suspense stories and creating story maps, as well as practising her spellings and research about the Rotten Romans. She has also been thinking about keeping herself ‘Mentally Active’ and has written a beautiful list of compliments. Well done Nicole!

George has produced fantastic research and illustrations on Romulus; they are very informative pieces. They have inspired me and I’m sure they will inspire the  rest of Holkham class too. His skeleton is absolutely fantastic. Using jointed pegs to represent the legs is very clever indeed.


Final messages 

As always, please feel free to email me with learning you have been working on or any questions you may have and I will post again on Friday alongside a vlog. If you have any video’s for the vlog please send them by Friday morning so I can edit them in. Please read with your children for 10 minutes a day and ask comprehension questions (listed in Monday’s blog) to support them.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers



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