Year 5/6 Scrap Book Tips

“History in the Making’’ Scrapbook

Lots of children have been asking what ‘History in the Making’ actually means. It means that everything you are experiencing and observing right now, during lockdown, is a period that will be discussed in future history lessons at school! We are making history right now and future generations will want to know what it was like. That’s why our Arts topic is to make a scrapbook about this time – something to look back on and learn from in the future.

So, how do you create a scrapbook? Not everyone has done one before or seen one before. Scrapbooks are filled with images, sketches, photographs, fabric, cut-outs, paper flowers, information, personal notes and many other things – it really is a personal creation and that’s why it is a project for The Arts (see your Home Learning Grid). To give you a better idea, take a look at some examples:


Your scrap book does not have to look like any of these example. They are only provided to give you an idea about what a scrap book is. This week, on the HLG, it was suggested that you create a collage of images over two pages using photographs and notes. Each week, you can add something to the pages of your scrapbook. Then you will have something fabulous to bring with you to school for a ‘show and tell’ once the lockdown ends.

Have fun making your scrapbooks everyone!



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