Ava with her work.

Good morning ducklings,

Today is Saint George’s Day! Can any of you remember who he was and why he is important to the English. You want a clue? OK! Think about my favourite mythical animal.

I was sent this picture earlier in the week. It shows Ava with all the work she had done on Monday. Well done Ava! I especially loved the tree. As you know I like trees or Ents as they are called in The Lord of The Rings.

Can any of you notice how Ava looks different to when I last saw her? It’s nothing to do with not wearing uniform.



This is a picture of ……..

Here is another picture. I took this in my garden early on Tuesday evening. Can any of you tell me what it is? I’ll give you the answer next week.

Enjoy the challenges!

Mr H.












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