Winterton message for the day

Hello Everyone

Another lovely day! So far I’m up, showered and dressed, had breakfast and hung a line of washing out. I have a webinar at 12.30 to tell me how to use EducationCity to its full potential – so that will be fun. I’m waiting for your suggestions on the Home Learning Grid – is there anything we need to cut down? Do you need the maths for each day, or could you just do with the page at the beginning of the week and then know you have to do the next 4 lessons? Could I put all the literacy activities together for the week, remembering that from next week we will be looking at the new Talk for Writing text? Anything else you can think of?

I’m also waiting for lots of Easter photos. I checked EducationCity yesterday and well done to all those who have visited it and completed work since we have been in shutdown: Viktorija, Vlad, Tyler, Steven, Rhea, Poppy, Noah, Lewis, Ivan, Hope, Hette, Hayley, Emily, Ellie-May, Edward, Dylan, Daniel, Caden, Brandon and Bianca. Keep it up and if you haven’t been on recently, give it another try. I’ll visit the site at least once a week to see how you are all getting on.

Keep safe and keep smiling

Mrs. Marshall


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