Welcome Back Holkham Class (20/04/20)

Welcome Back Holkham Class,

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter with lots of fun and too much chocolate. This week we’re back to business. We have a really fun term planned for all of you with a great new Talk 4 Writing text to imitate and Topic learning all about the Rotten Romans. So let’s get cracking!


Home Learning Grid

As usual, here is your ‘Home Learning Grid’ for this week…Years 3 and 4 Home Learning Grid WC-20.04.20. This is on the front page of the website should you need to find it again quickly. Please don’t feel you must complete all of these activities, they are just there to give you and your grown ups inspiration for learning opportunities. That being said, please try and do as many as you possibly can!



This week’s English work focusses on our new Talk 4 Writing text. To start the week, I would like you to write a short suspense story in your English books (remember to write the long date). Show your grown ups how amazing your handwriting and spelling can be and maybe, they could send me examples of your work and you could earn yourself a pen licence – if you don’t already have one.👍

Below is your new Talk 4 Writing Text and story map. Your challenge is to learn this text off by heart, just as we normally do in class. We call this stage imitation. I would love it if you could add actions to some of the words (and maybe punctuation) and send me a video of your performance if you can. I really like this text and I’m looking forward innovating it and writing our own versions in the coming weeks.

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat (6)

Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat story map



I would like you now to move onto your new Power Maths books 3C and 4C. If you haven’t yet complete 3B then you can go over these when you have spare time. Looking forward to seeing what amazing Mathematicians you’re becoming.


Topic (Rotten Roman)

I am so excited for this Topic. I used to love learning about the Roman’s when I was at school and I’m just as thrilled to learning more about it with you guys. Look at the PDFs below and have a go at completing them. These can be printed or copied into your Topic books. Remember, if you don’t know what something means – that’s great – it means that we can learn about it together. 😃

Never Heard the Word Grid Romans

What I already know and what I would like to find out (1)


Other Learning

I have uploaded more learning to Education City. Well done to all of you who have had a go at the learning on there over the holidays. I will keep the ’30/03/20 folder’ open so that you can still access anything from there you haven’t yet completed. Don’t forget that you can use the this link to watch a video on how to access ‘Play Live’. Play live allows you to play against real people around the whole world, Greyfriars Academy School or just Holkham class.

Don’t forget to give your Tackling Tables a practice and then test yourself too. I can’t wait to see how fast you all are. There is even Twinkl’s Times Table check if you would like to have a go at that also (ask your grown ups to email me your scores if you use it). Please can you also practise your Year 3/4 Statutory spellings. Remember to look, say, cover, write and check each one until you get super fast and accurate. The focus spellings are on your Homework Grid.


Learning Celebrations

I have fantastic examples of learning to celebrate with you all today starting with Freya, who has clearly been working very hard in the run up to Easter. She has sent me an incredible poetry performance which I will attached to this blog post as soon as possible. She also sent me a photo of her puppy Milo who is 4 months old and very playful. Keep your dog picture’s coming folks, Chester and I love them.

Kristian looks to have had an egg-citing 🤪 time learning about traditional Easter eggs with his Mum. Your eggs looks fantastic Kristian and well done for staying at home and helping to keep everyone safe whilst still managing to have a great time.

Rhys tells me he’s been working really hard over the holidays but is still more than ready for this term and will still be being the best version of himself. I can see that he has been working really hard on both Education City and Lexia, as well as, reading his book and exercising with Joe Wicks. Below are some photos of Rhys on his nature walk (where he saw lots of tadpoles with his dog Millie), making Easter cakes and hunting for Easter eggs all over the house.
Rhys is shared something that I think will really inspire us all. He said how important it is to get yourself up and keep busy so you’re not board and then tempted to lay around the house. What a great role model you are Rhys! I think this is such an important message for our new term. Let’s show our grown ups how ready for learning we can be, even if we’re away from school at the moment.

Final Messages

I hope you have a fantastic week this week. Keep working hard and showing that you’re safe, ready and respectful at all times. I would like you to be reading with your grown ups for at least 10 minutes a day remember to use your phonics when you get stuck on a word and answer questions at the end of each page to improve your understanding of what you’re reading. Don’t forget to email me with any question and photos/videos of your learning whenever you can. I really enjoy seeing them and sharing them with your classmates.

See you soon,

Mr Sellers







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