Blakeney Blog Monday 20th April

Blakeney Blog 20th April

Welcome back Blakeney!

Virtual school is starting again – I hope you have had a fabulous Easter and are now looking forward to getting back into a routine.


I’ve been keeping busy doing a huge variety of things with my daughter including: indoor table tennis (on kitchen table), indoor squash (against all walls in the sitting room), mini pool, paint by numbers (a very large and colourful lizzard), dog walking and tennis in the park (once a day and at a safe distance from people), Ringfit Adventure (Nintendo Switch), yoga and Zumba, gardening and writing… the list goes on! It’s been fun but I have missed you all and I’m looking forward to the time when we can all get together in the classroom and talk about what you’ve been doing. I hope you are well, safe and happy xx

Homelearning for the week beginning Monday 20th April

Home Learning Grid link: 20th April 2020 Y5 and 6 HLG

Literacy Resource links:

W6d. Can use commas accurately in List sentences. Test 4bYear

5-6 Reading extract and questions – Treasure Island

Year 5 Power Maths text book link:


Topic Lesson Resource links:

Crime and Punishment Slide1

Crime and Punishment Work1

News from Blakeney Class

I have heard from Isla recently: She’s been keeping fairly busy, writing a journal, growing some flowers from seeds and recording their progress as well as doing any schoolwork. Mum said she’s even helped with the dusting! Well done Isla – it’s good to help out with the household chores when you can.

I’ve also heard from Arminas who sent me another lovely letter. He said he has been learning more about technological things like how to operate a camera because he found his dad’s old camera and wanted to find out how to use it online. It is a Canon mini DV. He has already learned about the lens and the chest tape and has made some videos about his family. Wow, Arminas – with that sort of curiosity and determination you could be really going places in life! Knowing how to use a camera is a very useful skill and will teach you to really study the world around you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from more of you over the next few weeks. If you would like me to share your news from home with the rest of the class, write to: [email protected]



Daily reading by David Walliams:

Listen to Walter the Wasp on https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses-catch-up/


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