Winterton update – 3rd April

Good morning everyone

I hope you are all well this morning and looking forward to the good weather this weekend. Remember though to stay safe and stay at home. Did you join in with clapping for NHS yesterday? What a lovely thing to do to show our appreciation for these hardworking people! But also for all the other people who are working hard to make things run as well as possible such as all the supermarket workers who serve us at tills and all the people stocking shelves so there is food for us to buy, the postman, the bin men, the carers in old peoples’ home, the restaurants that are supplying the NHS with hot food, the farmers and food suppliers that make sure our food is grown, harvested and sent around the country and so many more people!! If you see someone doing a fantastic job to help us, give them a smile and a wave – from a safe distance of course! And don’t forget the adults that are looking after you at home; they need your support at home.What can you do to make their day easier? To make them smile?

Have you done something yet that will make a difference? Have you drawn a rainbow to put in your window to cheer people up? Have you thought of anything else? Remember this is an historic time – what will you tell your children about what you were doing? Keep up the good work with your diaries and work for the time capsule; it will make fascinating reading for children in years to come.

I hope that many of you will update me today with what you have been doing this week.

By the way, I have managed to narrow down the identity of the big bird of prey in my garden – I think it is either a Marsh or a Hen Harrier. It certainly is impressive. I’m now off to feed the squirrels – yes they are still hungry!!

Keep safe and keep smiling


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