Field Trip Friday is here!

Where shall we go today?

Have you got your lunch? Have you got a coat? Have you been to the loo?

Today we’re going to visit a farm.  Let’s get on the bus!

The farm is in Scotland, where the children can’t go to school either, so these children, Katie, Finn, and Rory (who is behind the camera mostly!) have made some videos about life on a farm. They are going to be our guides today.

Let’s go and look at the cows.  What do we need cows for?

Now, we all know that what we eat goes through our digestive system and comes out the other end, and it’s the same for cows.  But did you know that cow poo can be recycled?  How useful!

Did you know that there was a difference between hay and straw?  Katie and Finn tell us all about it.

What do cows eat?  Well, it turns out that it’s not just grass!

What do you do when a cow needs her toenails trimming?  You get the Hoof Doctor!

And just in case you thought all that Katie, Finn and Rory had was cows, they also have these beautiful creatures!

Now we’re heading back to home to find our grownups.  Did you enjoy your day at the farm?  Katie and Finn will be telling us about more animals another day, so I think we might go back!


After all that sitting on the bus, we’ve got just enough time for some Cosmic Kids Yoga with Jamie.  She’s been to a farm today as well!


I hope you’ve had a  lovely Field Trip Friday!  What did you learn today?  Would you like a cow for a pet?

Take care,


Miss Cook






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