A Message from Mrs Marshall ~ The squirrels are hungry today!

Good morning everyone

As I write this I can see the squirrels outside waiting for their peanuts – they really are hungry today. I have seen quite a few on the lawn digging up some of the nuts they buried earlier in the year. Also the females are beginning to gather dried grass and feathers to start building their nests. Did you know that squirrels build their nests in trees? You may mistake them for bird’s nests.

I’ve have kept to my timetable today so far, but I must go out to buy essential things like bread and milk today. I haven’t left the house since last Friday when I came home from school. How about you? What are you up to? Have you left your house? Let me know what your timetables look like. Hette has shared hers and that is where I got the idea from.

Please keep sharing your work with me – I miss you all!

Off to feed the squirrels and write a shopping list! Speak to all again tomorrow.


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