So today, I was going to put up a video of me reading a story.  But I can’t do it yet!  I’ve had lots of tries, but

  1. the puppy barked
  2. the cat walked in front of my camera
  3. Sam wanted a drink
  4. the cat walked back in front of the camera
  5. I dropped the book
  6. the light was shining on the pictures too much and you couldn’t see them
  7. the cat jumped on the book

As you can see, it’s not gone well so far!  However, as we say in Heacham class, we improve because we never give up.

I’m not giving up.

I’m just going to wait for everyone to go to sleep or find something quiet to do, and then I’ll try again.  Until then, this is Dermot O’Leary reading one that I know you’ll enjoy – Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book.

What’s your favorite book? Can you read it to someone else?


I’ll keep trying to get this sorted out, and I’ll get back to you!



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