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Hi there Blakeney!

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Amsterdam yesterday. What did you learn about Ann Frank?

I love today’s message :

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the mole.

“Kind,” said the boy.

It’s a gentle reminder to be kind to one another in these unusual circumstances with everyone stuck indoors. It can lead to irritation and arguments – but imagine how different the experience could be if we show kindness, understanding and patience towards those who are most important to us…



News from Blakeney Class

I have heard from Lillymay who has been working on her Power Maths at home. Great stuff Lillymay – might have to put you on that Over and Above board! Azuolas and Noah also emailed yesterday as they have been working hard on their WW2 powerpoints. Thank you for sending those to me yesterday boys – I really enjoyed looking at those. I’ve also heard from Preston again – Preston you have been so good at staying motivated and keeping me informed about what you’re doing at home. Thank you for that. Preston has been watching the news by the looks of it and he has been creating a diary of the events for his scrap book:

The Truth about Coronavirus so far (nobody knows for sure just yet)…

Preston has taken an interest in how the virus started. One of the rumours that has been circulating is that Covid-19 was caused by someone in China eating bat soup, which is what he was writing about in his diary entry. After looking at the range of research on this, it seems the truth is a little more complicated so I thought I should share this with you.

Some Chinese people do eat bat soup as they believe this has special health properties (though there is no evidence that is true). However, the bats are not live and if bats did carry the virus, this is likely to have been destroyed in the cooking process.

There are many animals, not just bats, that are considered to have special health properties in China and so some people like to eat them. Because of this, there are markets that sell live and unusual animals. These are called ‘wet markets’. There is some evidence that the virus started in one of the ‘wet markets’ in Wuhan Province – I have seen one of these markets myself a long time ago; all sorts of animals are sold as food sadly. The biggest problem is that some animals are slaughtered in the market place itself, in unhygienic circumstances. Now, some animals carry coronavirus (a coronavirus is a type of virus that can be transferred between animals – like monkeys, bats, pangolins, pigs – and humans). It is more likely that the Covid-19 virus made the jump from animal to human in one of these markets where the animals were being slaughtered – people touching their faces and not washing their hands and surfaces properly.

It is also important  to realise that not all Chinese people eat these unusual animals. However, it does mean that, when this is all over, countries will have to have a good think about some of the beliefs and practices that can lead to serious health risks so that we can all avoid this sort of thing happening again.

Anyway, keep up the good work everyone. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a listen to David Walliams reading his next story:

Daily reading by David Walliams:

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The Terrible Triplets

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