Welcome to April Winterton Class!

Hello Everyone

So we begin a new month – have you played any April Fool tricks on anyone yet? Don’t forget you can only play tricks up to 12.00 or you become the fool – only an hour left!

After being at school last week, I thought that this week would be more relaxing and that I would do what I needed to do when I needed to do it – that so hasn’t worked! By the end of yesterday I felt that even though I had done school work, I really wasn’t making the best use of my time and you know how I like to be organised. So today I have set my self a timetable to ensure I use my time effectively.

  • Eat breakfast – very important meal of the day to make sure you have energy for what you need to do
  • Exercise – again will give you energy. I am doing either Jo Wicks, yoga (on Ms. Black’s recommendation) or my cross trainer
  • Answer any emails – from members of staff or from you
  • Update blog on school website.
  • Do school tasks that I have allocated for the day
  • Also do at least one thing per day that makes my smile and feel good!

I think that by having a timetable I will feel more organised and purposeful. It has started well today, you can see where I’m up to.

The image that I set set for this blog is of part of my garden. Here are the other photos that I have taken of it:

I had another photo but it won’t download. So now you can see what I see whilst I’m writing my blog. Also we have a family of squirrels living in the garden. I put out peanuts every morning when I am at home. Here is a photo of one of them feeding this morning:

We also get deer in the garden but I haven’t got a photo of them. If I see one today I will try to get a picture of it and post it tomorrow. We have bird feeders out and get a lot of birds including pheasants, herons and many birds of prey. I’m not very good at identifying them though, but some of them are BIG!

Let me know what you can see from your windows.

Last thing for today. Just to remind you that the Home Learning Grid is a suggested list of activities; you don’t need to do them all and you can do other things. Don’t stress!! I will put up some activities from EducationCity for after the Easter holidays now that it is working properly again. Have any of you found games that I could recommend to others?

Whatever you are doing, make sure you do at least one thing to make you smile today. We are making history at the moment. People will talk about these times for many, many years. What can you do to make a difference, to make someone else smile today?

Have a good day – speak again tomorrow

Stay safe and stay smiling


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