Happy last day of March!

Good morning,

Today is the last day of March.  What will the month be tomorrow?  Click the picture to sing the song and find out!

Do you know your months of the year?  What about your days of the week?  Can you tell a grownup?

Today in our house is the day we take the puppy for his second set of injections, which means that he will be able to go outside in just 7 more days!

Also, when I said to Sam about reading books to you, he said “I’ve got books here.” and he found a big pile of books that I can use to read to you.  Sharing is really important and so he’s sharing his books with me so I can share them with you.  What could you share with someone else today?

Yesterday we looked at sounds in the house.  What did you hear? Today we’re looking at sounds outside and around us.  This clip has a lot of sounds on it.  Can you listen with your eyes shut and see how many you can identify?  Tell your grown up what you can hear. (Click the picture to start it.)

I’m going to do some more planning today, and find a quiet space to read the books.

Don’t forget to keep washing your hands!

Miss Cook


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