Blakeney Blog Day 8

Good morning Blakeney!

Learning Grid Week 2

It’s back to home school again! You will be able to see the new Learning Grid for this week – check out the ‘school trip to Amsterday’ that you can join as part of your topic work – Ann Frank House is open for virtual visitors. Explore and tour the museum – it’s like you are actually there; find out who she was and why her story is so well known all over the world.


These are the attachments you will need for literacy and well-being this week:

Yr 5 & 6 Personal Growth Lesson 3

R2c. Can find words in a text Test 3.

Power Maths Week 2

In Maths this week, Blakeney and Cromer Year 5s will continue to work on Unit 11 (lessons 6-10). Each day, you must read the two powerpoint slide for the lesson you are working on (these are taken from the text book that we usually look at together in class). After reading the lesson slides, you are then able to work in your practice book. You can find the text book slides for this week’s lessons by clicking on the link below:

Power Maths Unit 11 week 2

By now, you will also want to check your work for last week. To help you do that, I’ve put the answers for all of Unit 11 on a separate powerpoint. You will find that by clicking this link:

Answers unit 11

Class Reading Monday 30th March

Today’s reading by David Walliams is Peter Picker (from his book The World’s Worst Children).

News in from Blakeney Class

I’ve heard from Preston over the weekend – he’s enjoying learning about WW2 and he’s been doing his scrap book daily by keeping up with all news and updates – he’ be able to put the scrap book in the time capsule when we get back to school!


I’ve read a very funny letter from Arminas. I’m just waiting for his permission to put the letter on this website so you can all read it. I can tell you though, that he’s been missing school but that his favourite subjects at home are P.E. and art. Last week he made a scrapbook and he did 95 star jumps in 1 minute! On Education city, he is doing better than ever with a high score of 23 in multiplication, 9 in addition, 12 in subtraction and 21 in division (on play live). In tackling tables on the red test, he did 91/100! Keep up the good work Arminas, you’re doing so well! I love the art work you’re doing too – I know you won’t mind me showing that so here it is:


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