Heacham/Snettisham Thursday 19th 2020

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are a bit of a trial run for me as I work out what we can manage to do together whilst you are at home, and what you really need to be in school for.

Yesterday you practiced looking for the classwork on EducationCity.  You will probably need a grownup to help you log in, but keep that long piece of paper safe and you’ll be fine.  Once you’ve logged in once, you can save it on to the computer and then it will remember the password for you!

Yesterday, we also practiced looking for phonics work and reading work on Bug Club.  I’ve tried, but I can’t make Power Maths work from here for you, so your maths will come from EducationCity, or maybe even me doing a video, if I feel brave!

In the morning we will be writing our story where we are rewriting Little Red Hen with our own animals and something to make.

This is Miss Cook’s plan! Can you tell the story to your adult?  Can you make up your own story with your own animals?  You can email it to me if you like!

In the afternoon we will be looking at a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace.  (If you click the picture, it should take you there!)

What do you think is your favourite item that you see in Buckingham Palace?

Email me and let me know!



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