This was the week that we….

  1. made chocolate head and ate it!
  2. made chocolate crispie cakes to take home
  3. went outside
  4. made shortbread
  5. wrote the instructions for chocolate head.
  6. wrote the instructions for shortbread
  7. planned and wrote the instructions for how to catch an Evil Pea
  8. moved the classroom about
  9. used EducationCity for number bonds to 10
  10. went to the school fair
  11. looked at the snow!
  12. found out about Safer Internet Day
  13. thought about how many times we use the internet
  14. drew pictures and made hearts for Valentine’s Day.
  15. read about St Valentine and Julia
  16. read ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’ because Mr Holmes had never read it before.
  17. copied a Kandinsky picture.
  18. took photos of the flowers


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