Miss Cook’s Nanna’s Shortbread

We are talking about instructions in our writing at the moment, and recipes are a kind of instruction.  We talked about how some people that are really old like Nannas are so good at cooking that they don’t need to follow the instructions and Miss Cook said that her Nanna could cook shortbread without a recipe, and so could her mum, but Miss Cook needed the recipe (because she is old but not VERY old)

We sent a text to Miss Cook’s mum and she sent us the recipe.

We wrote lists of what we needed to use, and Miss J and some reception children went to find the things.

We measured margarine and sugar into the bowl carefully, and Miss J took it to go in the microwave with some other children.

Then we all had a stir, and then Miss Cook put the semolina in with some help and we all put in a spoon of flour and stirred that in as well.

When it was one big ball of dough we greased the baking tray and squished the dough so it was flat.

Then we cut it with a knife so that it would be lots of biscuits later.  After that Mrs F took it to the canteen and she put it in the oven.

When it was cooked she brought it back and we put it on top of the fridge to get cold.

After lunch we ate it!

We loved this shortbread and next time we want to make some to bring home!


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