This was the week that we….

  1. talked about Edinburgh and where we would like to go there.
  2. started to learn about instructions.
  3. watched how to make a BIG crispie cake head.
  4. wrote a shopping list for Miss Cook to take shopping.
  5. found out about shapes
  6. made shapes out of straws, fabric, paper and looked for shapes around us.
  7. yoga in PE with Jamie
  8. looked at travelling and balancing on a bench and on a table in PE
  9. moved the classroom around
  10. talked about emotions and how we feel.
  11. talked about how to be a good friend.
  12. we read “Please open this book” and “DO NOT open this book.”
  13. worked on subtraction and comparison.
  14. went on the trim trail
  15. got all excited about the disco.
    We are busy people!

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