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We have had an amazing week in Holkham Class. We have focused the majority of our afternoon learning on our own Personal Development. We specifically looked at three key areas, ‘understanding others’, ‘working hard’ and ‘trying new things’.

Understanding Others

On Monday, three children were asked to leave the room as the class were read a text about the history of James Bond. One by one, each of the three children were invited back into the class, read the text and then asked to state as many facts as they could in 2 minutes, whilst the other children wrote down their facts to see if they were correct. Lastly, Mr Sellers asked everyone to turn over their paper and list as many facts as they could. This really highlighted the importance of being engaged and listening as carefully as possible to enable us to extract as much information as a we can do.


Working Hard 

Every morning before assembly, Holkham Class have been partaking in 5 minutes of exercise to help strengthen the body and focus the mind. We also watched a video called Austin’s Butterfly  After this video, we drew our own picture interpretation of a butterfly before a real Swallowtail butterfly image was put on the board. We then worked in partners, giving each other constructive feedback to improve our images draft after draft until we got as close as we could to the real image. Working hard to look a the image like a scientist. This was also a fantastic opportunity to work on developing the above skill of ‘understanding others’ too.


Trying New Things 

On Thursday we were treated to a visit from Paul Sturgess or ‘Tall Paul’ as he’s sometimes known. He’s not only the tallest ever professional basketball player ever but was also recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man in the whole of the UK. Not only has he played professional basketball, for the Harlem Globetrotters no less, he’s also turned his hand to acting in some amazing productions such as, Doctor Who and the new Avatar film. He came with a strong message of not putting limits on yourself, being positive about your body and using what others may think are weaknesses as strengths. Paul also spent time with our class to teach us the basic skills of basketball. It was very new for all of us but by listening and preserving we were all about to dribble the ball forward and backwards, with some us as even having a go at spinning a basketballs on our fingers and even pens! We finished the week with meditation, trying to relax our minds and bodies ready for a fantastic, and hopefully restful, weekend.


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