Firework Fun!

Ahead of the very popular Fawkes in the Walks, we have been celebrating with lots of messy, noisy learning! We even commented that today was “The best day ever!!”


This is splat phonics fireworks!

We had to use a fish slice or a potato masher to smash sounds and tricky words.

Devon’s firework exploded over Frankie!

We all shouted ‘FIREWORKS!’

Leia found an unexploded firework!

Amelia: “I was making fireworks.”

Leia: “I was making fireworks and it was rainbow.”

Ewa: “I was making fireworks in the sky and I made the sky and beautiful fireworks. Now I have dirty hands!”

Belle: “I don’t know who done my t-shirt?”

Fun with pastels.

Freya: “We was making fireworks!”

Leia: “One splashdid all the way to the ceiling!

Gracie: “We used glitter and water.”

Ethan: “…and vinegar.”

Frankie: “…and orange fizzy tablets.”


We made our own firework display. Mrs Coleman promised Mrs Copsey that she wouldn’t make a mess. We think she may have been telling porky pies!

Ava: “I got soaped.”

Ewa: “Mrs Coleman did a mess!”

Isabella: “I was in soap!”

More firework mess!

Amelia: “I had stuff in my hair!”

Belle: “I got soap in my hair!”

Frankie: “I popped the foam.”

Violet and Susannah: “Today was the best day EVER!”




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  1. Aimee Symonds says:

    This really does look like the best day ever! And explains Frankies slightly green tinge 😂


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