Heacham Class – What did we do? Week 3

This week we started using a visual timetable to help us to structure our days.  We are getting much better at listening and being ready to learn. We have been learning about the fiveness of five this week in Reception, and counting forwards and backwards from 10 in Year 1.  We’ve also started a new book this week in literacy, called “Dear Zoo.”

On Friday we had a talk about our week.  We all had different ideas of what we should write on here this week.

Olivia says “I drawed a picture with Francine and Hattie.”

Harper says “I drew a picture for Hattie’s mum because we were drawing some pictures.”

Hattie says “I drew a picture for my mum.”

Harry says “We learned Dear Zoo. It goes “Dear Zoo, can you give me a dog?”

Lukas says “We have done lots of work about number 5.”

Kevinas says “I made a boat on there.” (He was pointing at the big lego.)

Harriet says “We had the animals in the zoo book.”

Corrine says “I ate all my dinner today!”

Mrs Fayers says “Reception were perfect at swimming! They followed all the instructions.”


Our Greyfriars Values are that we are Safe, we are Ready to learn, and we show Respect.

Well done Heacham class, you’ve met all three of those this week!  What a brilliant start to our school year together.


Next week is another busy one, with a visit from the Image Theatre company on Thursday, so Reception swimming will be rescheduled, and we will let you know when that will be moved to.

As usual, you can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.



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