Wells Class – Museum Trip

Wells Class Museum Trip

On Friday 4th September the Y5-6 classes went to King’s Lynn Museum because our new topic will be the Wild Wild West. In the morning, we walked through the Walks to get to the Museum for our 6 different activities.

First, we learned about Frontier crafts and we made some wool dolls with wool and cardboard. We had to tie a lot of knots and it was very fiddly! However, it was very fun.

Next, we learned about Frontier Medicine. If you had a cough, you would be given rose petals and honey or even a fried mouse! If you had mumps, a rope with 9 knots would be tied around your waist and neck. For a migraine they would put a cabbage on your head!

After that, we made some butter and lemonade. We shook some milk in a jar and sang a song. We juiced some lemons and added some sugar.

Finally, we handled some objects we had never seen before. Here are some of the many objects: a cup and ball, an iron and a cinnamon tin.



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