Blakeney Go Wild Blog 2

A Blog by Steven, Viktorija and Rhea

This term, we have been learning about wildlife trade,endangered animals and habitat destruction. Animal parts include elephants tusks,rhino horns,tiger fur,tiger bones and shark fins. Animals are called ‘endangered’ if there are not a lot of them left in the world.

People sell animal parts and animals for money. They transport animal parts and animals in trucks,planes and by boat by hiding them in cars,bags, or suitcases. Sometimes, they even tape animals or their parts to their body!

We need to protect wild animals so they don’t go extinct. If animals on the food chain go extinct, then other animals can also die as they won’t have their usual food source.    


Check out this website if you want to adopt a wild animal: https://support.wwf.org.uk/



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