The week ahead 12th November

This week we will start with our Armistice Commemorations on Monday morning, at which we will have members of the local RAF station, the local Royal British Legion Standard Bearer, and the children will be able to take part in singing, watch a short piece of drama, and then participate in a two minute silence.  I will put photographs up here of our display and events as appropriate.  Having attended the nearest Act of Remembrance on Sunday, it was a pleasure to see so many of our pupils and ex-pupils there as members of local uniformed groups, from Beavers and Rainbows to cadets.

The rest of the week will be as normal!

Our Literacy work will focus on writing our own event for Gordon to take part in, looking at what we know about each event in the story.  They all start with a location, then a problem, then way that he escapes.  In Talk4Writing, this is known as “Boxing Up” so we will do this first, and then look at what we can write as a class to go into the story, and then work on individual events.

Our Numeracy work will look at how to use a 100 square to help us with our tables, and so we’ll spend some time building and working on the 100 square so that we are familiar with it, before we go onto that on Wednesday, and we’ll finish the week with some missing number work based on the 100 square.

Our topic work will have a past and future feel, as we look at jobs that used to exist that no longer do, jobs that exist now that we won’t see in the future, and jobs that don’t exist yet, but that may do in the future – who wants to be a space delivery flyer?

On Friday we will be looking at Railway Safety, following an email from Network Rail who have created videos for each age group looking at safety and why not to trespass on the railway.  The tracks are an integral part of King’s Lynn, and so we’re choosing to remind the children why they need to stay away.  If you could reinforce this message at home, or when out and about, everyone will be safer!

Next week we have Blue Watch coming in on Tuesday to talk about fire safety, so be prepared to have to test your smoke alarms that evening!

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