The week ahead – 15th October

Next week is the last week of the half term.  We are in school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the children will be bringing home their half term homework on one of those days.

They will have a pack of work to do, as well as copies of their Y1 Common Exception Words test, with the answers, as it is important that these words are known and practiced before we can solidly move on to year 2 words.  (I will send those home at Christmas break so that parents have them for the following two terms.  If you would like them before that, please email me.)

Also, please read with your child as often as you can.  Already we are starting to see a difference in progress between those children who read at home and those children who don’t.  It doesn’t have to be a lot – the adverts in Corrie are long enough!

In school we will be finishing our work with Emma Woods on gymnastics.  It’s been a lovely half term, and I’ve also learned a lot about how to teach such a specialised subject.

We will be planning and doing our hot task on Tuesday, and looking at how we could improve it. We will be thinking about all of the different jobs that we have heard about and deciding on our top three, using adjectives to say why we want to do the job and what we think it will be like.  We have been using “When I Grow Up” by Andrew Daddo.

Our next English topic is based on Gordon’s Great Escape, and in half term I will do a look at the half term ahead, with more details about this. In Mathematics, we will be making the link from 3+7=10 to 30+70=100 and 13+7=20  We are looking for a real understanding of what the children are doing, rather than just knowing what to do, as this will enable them to make better progress later on in their education and in their out of school lives.

I am out on Monday afternoon and Mrs Copsey has the class, and on Tuesday afternoon as usual, when Mrs Shaw has the class.

As usual, if there are any problems, please do email me, either now or over the half term break, and I will reply as soon as I can.

Miss Cook



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