ActivKids,KWEST Launch, visitors, it’s been a busy week!

This is going to have to be two posts – one for the week we’ve just had and later, one for the week ahead.

On Monday, we had a visitor in to talk about teaching baby signing and having different jobs at different times of your life, which has led to one child deciding to be an astronaut and then a nurse and then a fireman, and then finish his jobs with being a Grandad.

On Tuesday I took a group to ActiveKids, but sadly had to leave 2 children behind as we did not have the forms filled in for them and could not get hold of parents to get a verbal permission.  Please make sure we have your current number at school in case of emergency.  All that aside, we had a really good morning, trying six different sports, including hockey and rugby, and the children were beautifully behaved.

These kinds of events are run by the College students as a way for them to practice coaching, and our team of leaders were certainly really good.  They encouraged the children, taught them new skills and helped them to learn how to be part of a team.  Well done COWA students!













The next event on our agenda for the week was the KWEST Launch morning.  We had another rehearsal on Wednesday morning, where the ActII people were really pleased with how much practice the children had been doing – I know lots of parents have heard “Keep the Home Fires Burning” through the last few weeks!  We will be using it in our “100 Years of Remembrance” assembly as well.

On Friday we were bused to LynnSport, wearing our bright orange t-shirts, and into the big barn.  We were one of the biggest of the seven schools there, which is why we got the orange – this became clear later on!

We watched the other schools do a brilliant job of telling the story of the first 1000 years of King’s Lynn, accompanied by a fabulous soundtrack that included Starship, Spandau Ballet, and the Kaiser Chiefs, and of course ended with the massed schools singing a version of Queen’s “Could it be magic?” which was amazing.  The children really enjoyed being part of over 1000 voices singing at the same time.  A little known fact for some of the adults, was that this song was chosen because Roger Taylor was born in King’s Lynn – in the hospital that used to be next to Greyfriars School! (Miss Cook was born there as well.  She is not as famous…)

The children behaved beautifully and as their teacher, I was really proud of them. Some of them took the pictures, and others have children from other schools in, but here’s a few that I can use!  I also have some wobbly video, that I need to work out how to put up!


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