Snow Day!

Who’s afraid of a little snow? Not Hunstanton class, who played with it, poked it, investigated it, measured it, squashed it, melted it, scratched it, laid down on it (although I told them to get up again quickly!) patted it, and generally explored snow in a way that only children can.

Here’s some of the things that we did.  Firstly, we had a commission from Outer Space to tell stories, so we made up stories for where snow comes from.








We like to do story maps before we do the writing, so that our brains are organised. This is part of the Talk4Writing approach that runs throughout the school.

After that we went outside for an active exploration of the environment, noting the changes around us, using descriptive vocabulary, and generally having a jolly good time.  There were even icicles, and the adults could hear children discussing adding them into the stories that they were writing.














Then it was time for the scientific part of the day.  We used a thermometer for the first time to look at temperature.  Miss Cook’s tea was hotter than the water, which was hotter than the snow.  The children all had a collecting pot and a thermometer to collect snow and make observations of it.


























The children then had the opportunity to take temperature measurements inside to see how the temperature of the pot changed as the substance went from snow to slush to water.
















In the afternoon we had a visit from Mrs Reeve, who is an expert archer.  She showed us some different bows and arrows, talked to us about useful vocabulary to use when we were writing about them, and let us all try on the Norman helmet that she had brought with her.  This helped us to understand some scenes of the Bayeux Tapestry much better. 







Tomorrow we are due a visit from Norfolk Fire Service to talk about Fire Safety.  We shall see whether Blue Watch will be popping in or not – we’ve already said that they are quite busy at the moment.


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