New reading, spelling and handwriting programme off to a great start in Blakeney!

This year, Greyfriar’s has begun a new reading, spelling and handwriting programme which is already having a visible impact on how children read and write in Literacy lessons. In reading, children have been learning to think about what skills they need to develop comprehension; here you can see children using ‘expert tips’ such as ‘stop and check’, ‘read it again’, ‘predict’ and ‘make connections’. By becoming more aware of the skills they need to answer particular questions or to understand particular sections of text, children are able to make active use of those skills more easily.















In spelling lessons, we have been targeting key words that children are commonly getting wrong in their writing. We have been doing a lot of interactive lessons and then quick-check quizzes on white boards throughout the week to constantly reinforce spelling rules and spelling patterns. So far this is proving to be an effective method and it’s also been a lot of fun!


Our handwriting lessons have focused on joined writing. Apart from the joins, however, there are quite a few other things that children have to think about: a consistent size and shape to each letter; sitting words on lines; the height of high ascenders; the drop on low descenders, and the spacing between words and letters. We have quite a mission on our hands but with the positive attitude to learning that we see in Blakeney class, I’m sure that we will be victorious!




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