The week ahead 9th- 13th October

Last week was a lot of fun – lots of practical maths, a visit from a theatre, and making (and throwing!) planes.  This week looks to be an interesting one as well!  Our new class council representatives were elected in a secret ballot, and Andrew and Nicole will do a really good job, we are sure of that.

Our Science will carry on to the different kinds of paper this week.  We planned on doing it last week, but the children asked a question about sizes of planes, and so that had to be answered first.  Child led learning is really important as it makes them feel part of their learning, as opposed to it being something that is done to them.

We finished our work on Charlie’s Walk last week, and completed our own story based on that one.  There will be a post going up soon with the complete sequence of Talk4Writing as it looks in my room, which will show you how we learn.  This week we are going onto a non-fiction text, and focusing on Tigers.  On Friday we watched this video and made notes, then wrote our Cold Task non-fiction report about Tigers.  Over the next two weeks we will learn about headings, sub headings, bullet points, captions, diagrams and other non-fiction text features, and then have another try at a Hot Task next week.

This week your sounds are -ock, -ick and -uck, and in class we are looking at qu, zz, and y for the first part of the week, then ff, ss, and ll.  If you would like a copy of your child’s spelling test so that you can see where he or she needs to focus, please email me [email protected]

The Topic work is carrying on with Alexander Graham Bell.  Were you told the first words?  If you weren’t, they are on this video that we watched about how the telephone was created.  Have a look together and see what your child can remember!  This week we are planning to make string telephones, sort old and new pictures of phones, and list the differences between the two, as well as write about what a difference we think telephones have made to the world.

In our numeracy we will be looking at mastering what we have discovered about addition and subtraction by answering questions, such as “If I add 3 odd numbers, will my answer be odd or even? Why?”  I’ll put up some of our findings on here.

Weekly calendar

  • Monday – Miss Scott will have the rest of the class for the morning whilst Mrs Porter and I take 14 of us to LynnSport for an ActiveKids session.  Library in the afternoon as usual.
  • Tuesday – Swimming
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday – Cross Country in the afternoon.  You should have had a letter, but please do send warm PE kit in case it is cold.

Busy busy as usual!



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