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Yesterday we sent home the new spelling and handwriting format.  This is part of an 8 week project that the school is involved in, which establishes where the gaps are in children’s learning and aims to fill them.  The words will come home on a Thursday, to be tested the following Friday, so the children get a full week to practice and learn them.  They will learn one set at home with you, and another set at school with me.

The handwriting sheet is a photocopy of a page from their literacy books that I have then written some of the words onto so that they can see where the letters sit on the lines, and so can you.  We only use these lines in literacy and handwriting, and use ordinary lines in the rest of their books.  The children are expected to be joining in a cursive style by the end of year 2, and the majority of the class should be there by February.  It is a new style for some of them, and that is why some children will be supported by adults during 1-2-1 or small group handwriting sessions.

I have (hopefully!) enabled you to download the spelling words sheet should it disappear at home or not make it out of the book bag!

4. Set 3-4 ick, ock, uck

This is a lot of work for the teachers and the children, but is also a great opportunity to focus our minds on the foundations of their learning, ready to build strongly this year, and I encourage you and the children to work hard to learn the words, the sounds and the use of the words, so that the children’s writing can be even better than it is.

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