The Paper Plane Experiments – Number 1 – Size

Today we began our paper plane experiments.  Our baseline was to learn to make a paper plane, so we had a try ourselves first.  We talked about variables, and so we decided to all learn the same dart shaped plane.  It took a while, but we got there!

We also talked a lot about what we could change, and learned that things that we can change are called variables, but for it to be a fair test we can only change one variable at a time.  My Very Big Plane was no good because I had changed the paper and the size.

The only variable that we changed was size.  Mrs Porter threw all of the planes, and they were all made from photocopying paper.  We took video of our experiments so that we could look back at it and see what happened on the big screen.

Next week we will make all of our planes the same size, but from different types of paper.




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