The week ahead 2nd to 6th October.

Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting the EducationCity homework up – it didn’t go live until Sunday night and therefore I have set less of it.

Last week was a long week of spelling for the children, and there will be some changes in the way that spelling words are coming home – you will have noticed that there weren’t any words this week whilst I analyse the new spelling tests that I have been asked to use.  The children are very phonetic spellers who write the words how they say them, and one of the first sounds we will be working on is ‘tr’, because several children went to the ‘chrain’ station in our spelling sentences!

This week we have a visiting theatre company coming on Thursday morning, who will be performing “The Selfish Giant” with the help of the children.  We look forward to their visits every year.

In Topic, we are moving away from air travel to something more used by the children – the telephone and looking at how it has improved communication.  Do you know the first words spoken on the telephone?  You will do soon!

Our Literacy work has moved on from the class story, and this week we start on individual stories.  The children have drawn their story map, and will add useful adjectives and nouns, then box it up into a plan, and on Wednesday they will write their own story.  I have reminded them to save their very best ideas for it!

In Numeracy we will carry on with the bar method of addition and subtraction and look at how that gives us different number sentences.

In Science, having looked at the different properties of paper last week, we will be exploring which paper makes the best paper plane – and there’s only going to be one way to test them so I hope the weather is nice on Wednesday!

Lastly, this week it is parents evening on Monday and Tuesday.  If you are unable to come, please email me [email protected] and I can arrange for your child’s books to come home over night so that you can see how they are getting on.

Have a lovely week – we will!

Miss Cook


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