Amazing Rainforest Writing

This morning, here in Brancaster Class, we have been imagining that we were walking through the Madagascan Rainforest. Here are some brilliant descriptions written by some of our Year 4’s.


Z.C – Year 4

As Ansto walked through the forest, he saw the sun shining on the river. He heard birds tweeting, rain falling and branches snapping. He could smell the beautiful flowers and the yucky and squelchy mud.


W. A.C – Year 4

One day, a little boy called Ansto was walking through the forest. When he got further into the rainforest, he saw tall trees, plants scattered on the muddy forest floor and a bright coloured parrot soaring through the light blue sky. When he stepped a tiny bit further into the rainforest, he smelt the humid heat of the air.


T.O – Year 4

As Ansto crept through the rainforest, he saw a tiger hunting for food, monkeys swinging through the branches and fruit growing every second.

As he traveled through the rainforest, he heard birds whistling a beautiful song, waterfalls stumbling down from the rocks and villagers screaming for help.


J.B – Year 4

As Ansto ran through the never ending rainforest, he passed by beautiful trees with huge branches and a monkey eating a fresh banana, a tiger trying to catch his prey and beautiful flowers scattered across the wet, damp forest floor. Unexpectedly, a jaguar came along, Ansto was scared. For a moment he closed his eyes and then he heard a sound that sounded like this, Whoooosh! Ansto opened his eyes and the jaguar was gone! But then, he heard a munching sound, Munch! Munch! Munch! He went around the corner and saw a face scowling at him.




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