Curriculum News 4

Hi everyone! This is our Curriculum News 4. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


This week we have been learning how to write an autobiography by looking at one called The Wolf. Last Monday, we started drawing pictures for it so we could remember it all. On Tuesday, we then learned actions for the story – it can get very crazy! On Wednesday, we started to box it up by looking at the story pattern and the toolbox (useful features in the writing). Thursday, we started boxing up our own class text about The Queen of Hearts and on Friday we will write our class text in neat.

By Samantha


In literacy, we are doing our own autobiography of an ‘evil’ character and making their storyline seem like she/he has only been mistaken as the bad guy when she is actually really nice, which is really fun. We all split up into groups to work on an autobiography about the Queen of Hearts and all of our stories were great stories when we read them out!

 By Jacob


Recently we have been boxing up an autobiography about The Wolf (the one in the Three Little Pigs). We did our own take on it changing it from a wolf to the Queen of Heart’s. The class had lots of fun including myself. Before that we did a cold and hot task (easy and hard). Take a look at this great example below, written by Lacey and created together with other children in her group. I bet you’ll feel sorry for the Queen of Hearts!



In Maths, we have been doing some Maths Mysteries where we have to solve some maths problems – things we have covered since September! You can see these in the photos.

We also did the Perimeter and Area of compound shapes and children had lots of fun!

By Mey




In school we have been doing maths mysteries. This is where you have to find out who murdered someone, stole something or some other code-breaking task. Today we did ‘Who stole the fidget spinner?’ Sometimes it can be challenging but it is always fun. In my opinion, it really helps. I really think it is a fun way to learn.


By Nelli



So this week in maths has been so good and fun! We have been doing maths mysteries like the Fidget Spinner and The Kidnapping – oh and don’t forget The Maypole Mystery! They were all great and cool but my favourite was the maypole one.


By Freya



In music we practised our dance moves and our singing for the play!

By Mey


In art we have been drawing lots of natural disasters. We created a 3D model of a Tsunami and we drew a Tsunami that was flooding a beach in Japan – it’s called The Great Wave by the Japanese artist Hokusai. It was fun to colour but hard to draw. We also drew a 3D-Tornado the week before. Surprisingly, it was very colourful.

By Renae



In Science we made a simple circuit and we did length or thickness. Me and my group did length; we used copper wire to make it longer or shorter and we had to try to see it through tissue paper. Last week, we were set challenges to use different equipment to make a circuit. My group found it tricky – especially me!

By Samantha

Guided Reading

In guided reading, we follow a rota with different activities to brush up on our literacy skills. They include: Greyfriars Blogging, Brainbox, Reading Comprehension and Reading Cloud Book Reviews. It was my turn to do guided reading with Ms Black today, while the other children did different things on the rota.

 By Mey


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