Curriculum News 3

Hello, I’m Harry and I’m going to tell you about Literacy this week.

In literacy we did the boxing up (planning) for our class warning story before doing our draft together with Ms Black helping us. We had to do our topic lesson about tsunamis first because that’s what our warning story was all about. After practising text writing with the teacher, we boxed up a plan for our own independent stories. We have been drafting and editing that, before writing our hot task. Some people are already on their hot  task, some are on the draft and some have to think for longer and are boxing up. We have all worked hard on it !



Hello, I’m Benjamin and I’m going to tell you what we have been learning in our French lesson.


In french we have learnt colour blue is bleu, red is rouge, yellow is jaune, pink is rose and brown is maron . We have learnt body parts like Jambe, Jambes, cherax, bouche, nez, yeux, bras, oreilles and  dambe. Do you know what this means? It means we can visit a doctor in France and tell him/her what part of our body is hurting!


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