Curriculum News No.1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Humeysa  and I am a student in Blakeney Class. Today I will be telling you what we do in Literacy and Art with Ms. Black. Therefore, I am going to start with Literacy.


In Literacy, we have started our new model text – a warning story called The Canal. We are boxing it up (looking at the story pattern) and we are taking good words so we can use it in our own text.  At the beginning of the week, we did our cold task. For people who don’t know what a cold task is,it is a first impression of what we will be working on and we look at what we can improve on and what we can add to make it better. Then we get our new model text which will be a good example of writing for us to follow. We map out pictures so we can memorize it in our brains. After mapping out pictures for the text,we try to recall the story with some actions that help us memorize it better. Then we can remember it when writing and adapting it for our own text. After learning the model text, we went on to analyzing the text; we highlighted and underlined words in the text like adverbs, conjunctions, nouns, verbs and adjectives so we know what they are. Then we looked at different tenses. Next week, we will start planning and writing our own whole class warning story before writing our own individual story (our Hot Task). .Some children work in a small groups to make up plans for their own text so they can get ideas from each other. Then we do our hot task. When Ms Black reads our hot task , she gives us her thoughts on slips of paper with ideas to improve and what was good about it. She may even give us stamps for our hard work!!


In art this week, we are doing tornados that look 3D and then we colour it with pastels.We are focusing on getting the effect of the light on the tornados and where the sun light comes and where it is not quiet reflected.

Hello my name is Samantha and I am going to tell you about the topic and swimming lessons that we did last week:


In Topic we did writing on how earthquakes happen. Here is an example:

“Earthquakes are caused tectonic plates that move forwards and backwards. They only move 2 centemeters per year but when the plates get stuck, it makes the ground shake and that is an earthquake.”

Written by Sian 


In swimming we did back-stroke which is where you swim on your back. Then we did ‘mushroom floats’ where you curl up in a ball, float on the water and come up when you are ready. Great fun!

My name is Leonor and I am a student in Blakeney class. We are going to be putting these on our school website! I am very excited. I am writing to you about what we’ve been doing in Maths and Music with Ms Black.


In maths, my group last week did year 7 work! I am impressed! But on Monday we did: multiplying and dividing using a formal written method. That was our Learning Objective. Our Success Criteria was: I can use a formal methods to solve division calculations.

First, we had our starter task which was converting mixed numbers into improper fractions. I liked it and I got them all right! Then, we did our main lesson: The short multiplication and the bus stop method for division. I got them all right again. For an example: 35 x 12= 420    420 divided by  13 =  32.31. So that is what we learned for the starter all week but the mains were different. Tuesday: Squared numbers. Wednesday: prime numbers. Thursday: Multiplying fractions. Friday: Converting mixed numbers into improper fractions. As you can see, we’re doing a wide range of things to plug gaps in our learning.


We have been learning all the songs for our school production called The Curry Bean. We hope you will all come and see us!

Hello, I am Renae!

In Maths we have been doing lots of different things. On the 27th April, we were doing multiplying and dividing fractions; I enjoyed it but it can be tricky. I tried to remember the steps because there was a lot of them! On the 28.04.17 we also did the same thing so we could get more practice but it was a little harder. I’m sure I will get there in the end!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first Curriculum News report 🙂 



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