Curriculum News 2


Hi, I’m Jacob!

Today in literacy, we have been making our own class story of The Canal. Our warning story is based on our learning about tsunamis in Topic lessons; it is about a brother and a sister who get told by their mum not to investigate if they see that the ocean has drawn back a long way – it is a sign that a tsunami is coming! The children are named Jeff and Florence and they ignore the warning by going to the beach and noticing that the sea has drawn back. We will decide the consequence of this tomorrow!


Hi I’m Nelli!

This week in Blakeney’s science lesson, we were doing electricity. We learned the symbols for the buzzer, bulb, motor, cell, battery, closed switch and open switch. Also I learnt that if you tie a wire, it will always work and won’t get stopped.The fun part was making the circuits  – well simple ones. I really like science!


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