Exciting Explorers go Camping!

On Friday we started our new topic, “Exciting Explorers”.

We found a mysterious bag in the classroom.  It was HUGE!

We decided to empty it to find out what was in it.

There was a lot of stuff.  What should we do with all of the stuff?

We decided to go camping.

 Mrs Wiggs looked out for Polar Bears (very dangerous this time of year!) and Pearl made a salmon and daisies dinner.  Lexy and Leon were looking in the bottom of the bag to see what else might be in there. Where were the other children though?

 Ah!  They were in the tent, hiding from Polar Bears.  You can get a lot of children into a small pop-up tent.  It is more difficult to get the tent back into the bag though…

What other adventures await us?

Keep following, and you’ll find out!


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